The Characters

I'm the one telling the story. A 27-year-old biological female gender-curious feline-identified polyamorous panromantic homoflexible person. (Wow, that's a lot of labels!)

"Ark" for short, this guy is my husband. Vanilla, cis-gendered male who is increasingly tolerant and open-minded to my growing list of quirks and needs. I have voted him "The Best Husband Ever."

Previously known as both Kitten and Raja. Gabriel was my bi-gendered panromantic lesbian girlfriend. She was both my first poly partner, and my first lesbian relationship. Our relationship ended in June 2012.

My retired D/s relationship "alpha." My relationship with him was not sexual; purely exploratory into the world of bondage, pain and discipline. The relationship ended in March 2012.

My long-distance boyfriend, a long-time friend from high school. Where our relationship is currently and where it's headed is in the air; since we don't see each other often (maybe a handful of times a year) this relationship isn't too serious, and neither of us are expecting much from it.

Ark's girlfriend and my girlfriend too, maybe. She also lives a ways away and we don't get to see her but a few times a year, but she was also a friend of mine from days gone by and we both love her to death. She's in and out of our lives as it pleases her, which is at times a trial, but we are usually just pleased to be with her when we can.

My "new" girlfriend, we started dating at the end of April/beginning of May 2012. She's known Ark and I for two years, and we just randomly starting dating (seriously). It seems to be working out and I'm thrilled.

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